Why now?


Interlinked problems, siloed solutions

Solutions can be confined by borders, either physical or metaphorical, preventing shared awareness of what works. Without proper pathways for disseminating real-time learning across sectors and silos, we’re doomed to duplicate and deoptimize.

Latent Impact Energy

Despite our best intentions, we have not realized our full potential. Our sector is riddled with funding mismatches, redundant organizations, and too many scattered conversations. We must evolve to become exponentially more efficient for those already embedded AND provide clear on-ramps for those hoping to play a future role.

Gated Impact Networks

As impact networks prescribe silo-busting across the sector, they are incentivized to silo themselves, mitigating any possibility of an effective cross-referral process.
Networking typically relies on a concierge, resulting in highly relational and often illogical pathways for individuals in the network to find the right resources at the right time.

It is time to...

you are not alone

Break silos and bridge the ecosystem

You are not alone, you are part of a global movement. Host your community in a private space and remain connected to other impact networks & organizations. We don't need another platform, but a connecting infrastructure.

The majority of online communities and messaging platforms serve single organizations with well-defined boundaries.

These platforms often create louder echo chambers and deepen silos, rather than opening them up. They are not designed for the emergent, decentralized collaboration between groups and networks that we believe is required to create systems change.

why 2

Unleash a massive, democratized changemaker movement

First, we need to illuminate, support, and connect these changemakers so they generate more impact.

Then we need to make information, resources and connections truly accessible to anyone to scale the number of changemakers actively engaged in society. We need to equip champions and leaders so they can grow and multiply change-making movements & communities.

We need to solve problems more efficiently, at scale and together.
Millions of people and organizations are already changing the world for the better, and many more are hoping to play a future role. It is time to empower everyone to accelerate systems change. Information is spread thin and those already creating change feel isolated and disconnected.

why 3

Build a technology for the impact sector

No online platform feels like “home,” like a place where we want to spend time together on a daily basis. Standard platforms (Facebook, WhatsApp) feel impersonal and disconnected from the values of the impact sector.

Imagine technology designed to improve everything it touches rather than extract the highest profit possible. Imagine technology created with the intention to enhance human brilliance and connection, rather than monetize and manipulate it.

By creating technology for planetary thriving, WeChangers is building revolutionary tools for the future we want to live in.
We've lost trust in our tech platforms. Profit-driven technology companies commodify people's relationships and information. We need new tools deeply rooted in the impact sector's values.