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T-Mobile Foundation & Ashoka
For young people to thrive in a world where change is the only constant, they need to...
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Ashoka & The Johnson & Johnson Foundation
This challenge is the first Europe-wide challenge to find and support Community...
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Ashoka & Brookings Institution
Do you have a structural innovation that fully values homes in Black communities?
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Microsoft #BuildFor2030 Hackathon
Got a big idea and a desire to make a difference? We invite you to participate...
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Prudential & Ashoka
Do you have a vision to transform your community, and the world, for the better?...
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American Express & Ashoka
Ashoka and American Express are collaborating to bring you The...
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Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation & Ashoka
Searching for young transformers and creators of solutions to make the lives...
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HSBC & Ashoka
This global innovation competition is open to social entrepreneurs in selected market...
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T-Mobile Foundation & Ashoka
This nationwide opportunity gives trailblazing young leaders (ages 13 to 18)...
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1. Set up online applications portal

Provide applicants with key information about the program, the workflow, and the application timelines.
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2. Create dynamic forms

Capture the information you need, choosing from over 20 question types, add skip logic, accept file uploads, and more.
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connect applicants

3. Boost collaborative Review

Make it easy for your team to work together on applications and proposals, in real-time, from any device. Connect applicants to a community where everyone can share and collaborate.
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build communities

4. Manage post-award activity

Create post-award stages that include forms, documentation uploads, and evaluations. Automate reminders to help applicants keep up to date. Applicants can keep the conversations in the global community.
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❤️ What people are saying
“Impact investors often claim that there are not enough good projects - impact entrepreneurs that there is not enough impact investment. The perfect case of asymmetry of information. The work by WeChangers - creating a dynamic self-growing impact map - is a very much needed tool to contribute to a stronger and more efficient impact ecosystem in Europe”
Dani Matielo
Executive Director - Ashoka Changemakers
"There is a real need for an extended database in the EU. It will give investors a better view on social and environmental objectives and will facilitate the search for funding for the projects. But it is necessary to be transparent on investment duration, as well as financial and social/environmental performance."
Fernando Balbino
Technology and Platforms Lead

Use Cases

A complete management solution for your impact award or competition, streamlining how you collect, organize and review applications.

WeChangers integrates into the way you work, automates the repetitive, time-consuming tasks in your process, and saves you time for the things which matter the most.
Attract, engage, and manage the best candidates in one place.

Connect with the right changemakers in one of the world´s largest impact networks:
  • +10.000 social purpose organizations
  • and +1.500 leading Impact Investors.  
Manage your entire grantmaking workflow, from receiving online applications to post-award reporting, in a single intuitive tool.

Why launch awards on


Collaboration over competition

To solve today's complex problems, we need to come together, share ideas and coordinate collective action. Open innovation allows ideas and solutions to scale faster and more efficiently.


Learning community

Create a space to allow participants, reviewers and partners to get support, connect with peers and access resources.


Unleashing a changemaker movement

You are not alone. Launch your call for applications while connecting your applicants to our global community. Together, this is a powerful and efficient way to find, engage and activate communities of some of the world's most innovative solutions and changemakers.

Network positive

It is not just the winners who benefit from your program.
All participants can be featured in one of the world's largest Impact networks where they will find matching opportunities, resources and connections to help advance their impact journey.

Applicants spent less time applying

Applicants can quickly populate their general information and even re-use answers from previous calls for applications. Gaining more time to focus on their mission.


Activate collaboration between applicants

Programs may include peer-to-peer review phases, where applicants are matched. Increasing peer-feedback and accelerating learning opportunities.

What is included?

Technology to launch and manage your programs, with unlimited participants and unlimited managers. See all features.

Do you also offer a service to set up and manage the entire program?

We help you set up the program, but we do not manage programs.
We prefer to focus on building and improving the best technology possible.
Nevertheless, we can connect you with our exclusive partners who are specialized and very experienced in managing these programs globally.

How much does it cost?

A customizable live program with multiple phases starts at €1.200 per month. Learn more.

Can I import data from and to my existing tools?

Yes, we allow you to export all data and we are currently working on our API to allow different integrations.

I work and manage call for applications for several clients. Can I partner with you to use your technology?

Absolutely!  Our technology can help you save time, money while scaling what really matters: your ability to support your clients impact programs. Contact us for more information.