Grant Makers

Customizable online platform

Find, connect and support top-quality people and organizations that are working to generate social and environmental impact .

Grant Makers

Do you have an open call for grants, fellowships, or awards?
Are you a member of a network of philanthropists and want to engage and collaborate with your peers?

Spend your time focusing on what matters most

Streamline how you collect and review applications for grants, awards or fellowships. Simplify applications, automate workflows, and select your best candidates, faster.

review and submit

Fully customize your application process

Create a custom program, collect applications, activate a learning community,  review entries, analyze results and grow.

follow up

Access a global network

Access WeChangers' growing network of +10,000 social purpose organizations.
Screen and evaluate opportunities based on our global database.


Your new online HQ

Improve communication, scale your support, and increase the resilience of your grantees. Mobilize your team, grantees, and partners to connect, collaborate and support each other.  Learn more about our community product.

peer to peer

Track your grantees' progress & impact

Seeing all the conversations with each grantee requires sifting through many different email chains and chat tools.
In WeChangers, you’ll save time by seeing all the discussions and files for each grantee in one dedicated place.

Automate post-grant follow-ups, and export all the data to your internal tools.

groups vector

Build trust and drive collaboration

Replace emails and other chat tools to connect with your peers easily. Be part of communities hosted by the networks you are part of, or just start small group conversations with trusted peers.


Multi-language capability

Including right to left languages


User onboarding

User onboard with custom tours and welcome videos, feedback forms


Privacy status

Special privacy status for specific members who don't want to be contacted



Coming soon: API to integrate with + 2,000 apps

Why WeChangers? How are you different from other community platforms?

We built WeChangers with an ambitious theory of change. Most online communities and messaging platforms serve organizations with well-defined boundaries - like companies, brand followers, and fan groups.

These platforms often deepen silos and create louder echo chambers, rather than opening them up.  They are not designed for the emergent, decentralized collaboration between groups and networks that we believe is required to create system change.

Can I host my online event using WeChangers?

We have a calendar event space that features all your community events, but we are not an event platform. To host the event you will have to use dedicated platforms like Zoom or Hopin.

The events directory allows you to search events and see details like date, location or link for online call, RSVP functionality, and many other features. You can also allow members to promote their own events to other members.

Can you integrate with our CRM? And how about other integrations?

Yes, we will soon launch our API to provide access to WeChangers features. This is a core part of our mission: to connect the siloed ecosystem. We want to exponentially increase the interoperability of organizations, databases, and impact actors. All our technology is built to be connected to other platforms via APIs, and we want to open our source code in the future.

How much does it cost?

To host a community for unlimited grantees & partners we have a freemium service, meaning that the majority of our features are free, including unlimited members, admins, and storage.
To launch a call for awards/grants the pricing starts at 1,200 € per month.
Learn more about our pricing here

Can Social Purpose Organizations reach out to me?

You control your privacy. By default your profile is private so only people from your private communities can reach out to you. Nevertheless, you have the option to disable users from sending you messages.