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Do you host a community of people or organizations to create and amplify social or environmental impact?
Are you a member of an impact network or membership?

You are not alone . You are part of a global movement.

Be part of multiple communities hosted by your networks, memberships, or funders.Collaborate and engage with your peers, potential supporters and showcase your work to our global community.


Apply to funding opportunities and scale your work

Coming soon:
Join our open calls for applications (awards, investments, grants) or the +100 funding opportunities we will actively map worldwide.

peer to peer

Host your own community

Email and other chat platforms isolate information - you only have access to conversations you are included. WeChangers brings your community together in one place for better content management and improved collaboration.

Simple, secure messaging for everything related to impact

Your new messaging app dedicated to your communities, action groups and conversations. Receive messages in real-time and manage your notifications for less distractions.

give project teams

Give project teams a dedicated channel, not endless email chains

Seeing all the conversations about a single project or topic requires sifting through many different email chains and tools. In WeChangers, you’ll save time by seeing all the discussions and files about a project in one dedicated place.


Multi-language capability

Including right-to-left languages


User onboarding

User onboard with custom tours and welcome videos, feedback forms


Privacy status

Special privacy status for specific members who don't want to be contacted



Coming soon: API to integrate with + 2,000 apps.

Why WeChangers? How are you different from other community platforms?

We built WeChangers with an ambitious theory of change. Most online communities and messaging platforms serve organizations with well-defined boundaries - like companies, brand followers, and fan groups.

These platforms often deepen silos and create louder echo chambers, rather than opening them up. They are not designed for the emergent, decentralized collaboration between groups and networks that we believe is required to create system change.

Can I host my online event using WeChangers?

We have a calendar event space that features all your community events, but we are not an event platform. To host the event you will have to use dedicated platforms like Zoom or Hopin.

The events directory allows you to search events and see details like date, location or link for online call, RSVP functionality, and many other features. You can also allow members to promote their own events to other members.

Can you integrate with our CRM? And how about other integrations?

Yes, we will soon launch our API to provide access to WeChangers features. This is a core part of our mission: to connect the siloed ecosystem.  

We want to exponentially increase the interoperability of organizations, databases, and impact actors. All our technology is built to be connected to other platforms via APIs, and we want to open our source code in the future.

Can I find funders on the platform?

Yes, you can search for our open calls for applications or just explore our public space.
Take in mind that apart from the open calls for applications, the majority of funders are part of private members-only spaces. If their profiles are public, you can access their website and contact them directly.

How much does it cost?

To create a private space for your community, we have a freemium service, meaning that the majority of our features are free, including unlimited members, admins, and storage.
Learn more about our pricing here