Aspiring Changemakers

Discover how you can change the world!

Access the information, connections and resources you need to start your impact journey

Aspiring Changemakers

Are you inspired to change the world? Do you want to start but don't know how and were?


Millions of people and organizations are already working to create a better world, and many more are hoping to play a future role. It is time to empower everyone to accelerate the transition to a new system change.

We are currently aggregating information to create a public space which will allow anyone to access the information, connections, and resources needed to start changing the world. We started by working directly with some of the leading networks and organizations of the impact sector, and soon we will focus on building useful connections and new features for you to connect with them.

Built with, and for changemakers, our mission is to unleash a massive, democratized changemaker movement.
The time is now!

Explore & act!

Coming soon: Create a profile and discover matching organizations, people and resources to help you in your changemaker journey.

connect applicants

Your idea or solution can change the world

Coming soon: Participate and share your solution(s) on the most pressing issues in your community.
Join our open calls for applications (awards, investments, grants) or the +100 funding opportunities we will actively map worldwide.


Host your own community

Coming soon: Gather your friends and other like-minded people to collaborate in channels, groups, and learning spaces. Change the world, together.

Simple, secure messaging for everything related to impact

WeChangers is your new messaging app dedicated to your impact communities, action groups and conversations.

Why are most of the features coming soon?

Our mission is to make sure you can easily access the right information, tools and connections that will allow you to become a changemaker.  

To achieve this we must first work with the current changemaker organizations, networks and people so that we can collect information, increase the number of tools available and grow our community.

What can I benefit from the platform now?

First, you can participate in our open calls for applications. There might be one looking for your ideas or solutions!

You can also navigate our public space to discover organizations and projects that might interest you. Access their websites to learn more and reach out directly!

Why WeChangers? How are you different from other community platforms?

We built WeChangers with an ambitious theory of change.
Most online communities and messaging platforms serve organizations with well-defined boundaries - like companies, brand followers, and fan groups.

These platforms often deepen silos and create louder echo chambers, rather than opening them up.  
They are not designed for the emergent, decentralized collaboration between groups and networks that we believe is required to create system change.

Can I find funders on the platform?

Yes, you can search for our open calls for applications or just explore our public space.
Take in mind that apart from the open calls for applications, the majority of funders are part of private members-only spaces. If their profiles are public, you can access their websites and contact them directly.

How much does it cost?

To create a private community we have a freemium service, meaning that the majority of our features are free, including unlimited members, admins, and storage.
Learn more about our pricing here